[Angel Is A Centerfold] Jessica Gomes

[photogallerylink id=49673 align=left] “Years go by I’m lookin’ through a girly magazin…. And there’s my homeroom angel on the pages in-between” The J. Geils Band said it best – just what do you do when […]


Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey Cartoon Is Hollywood’s Next Saturday Morning Movie

Face it, Hollywood, you’ve run out of original ideas. Everything you spit into our movie theaters is a remake, a rehash, or even a re-do. Not that remaking movies is necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes […]


Jumbos Clown Room

Jumbo’s Clown Room In Hollywood Tops Playboy’s List Of Best Late Night Bars

[photogallerylink id=43711 align=left] We did it! Hollywood finally gets its rightful time in the spotlight. The mecca of excess and skimpiness known as Playboy has announced its favorite late night bars in the United States, […]


Quest For The Forgotten Beer… Part One

Once upon a time, man dreamt of drinking the perfect beer. At Jack, we used to have this dream every night… but last night, against all odds, we found it. The perfect beer. It was […]