Crazy Hollywood Road Rage Brawl Go Out Of Hand This Morning: #Watch

By Nadia Noir  Maybe it’s because Mercury is in Retrograde, or maybe it’s because drivers in Los Angeles are sometimes really big jerks, but there’s been A LOT of road rage issues going on. Including […]


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Last Year’s Super Hero Brawl Leads To Mr. Incredible Getting Convicted After Attacking Batgirl

by Nadia Noir Last October, a bunch of costumed superheroes on Hollywood Blvd, including Chewbacca and Where’s Waldo?, went at each other like supervillians. Mr. Incredible did some not so incredible things and became a […]


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Five Dudes Have A Bubble Wrap Battle For Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day [Watch]

By Nadia Noir  We hate to break your bubble, but…wait, no we don’t! We are gonna pop it and pop it good. Some awesome dudes decided to get festive for the coolest holiday ever created […]


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Do You Recognize The Guy Who Viciously Beat Another Guy In Hollywood?

By Nadia Noir  On Halloween, two tatted up dudes got into a vicious fight on Hollywood Boulevard near the Roosevelt Hotel. One guy was brutally beaten and police are still looking for the guy who […]



Daniel Cormier & Jon Jones Talk About Their Press Conference Fight

By Nadia Noir “Can we all get along?” Not if you’re MMA fighters, Daniel Cormier and Jon “Bones” Jones. The pair are gearing for an epic fight at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand on September 27th […]


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Woman Stabs Roommate Because He Kept Playing The Eagles

It’s something that presumably only happens in the movies, but this time it was all too real for a South Carolina man. Yesterday (September 16) Vernett Bader of North Charleston, SC was tired of listening to […]


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BattleBots Returns! James Cameron Brings ‘Robogeddon’ To Discovery Channel

Come closer, child, and let us remember a simpler time – a time when man put down the sword and took up the exterior rotary laser level; tranquil years marked not by calendar, but by […]


Bees Giants Hornets Fight

Hollywood Greenlights ‘300 Honey Bees Attacked By 30 Japanese Giant Hornets’

Attention: Hollywood has finally come to its senses.  Last year, we wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times, pleading with Hollywood to stop remaking classic films – with humans. We can only stomach those melodramatic-bags-of-bones […]


Ninja Fight

[JACKed Up Video] Do You Dare Fight The Ninja???

A sign, a sword, a ninja, and a set of gonads. DO YOU DARE FIGHT THE NINJA?


[Video] Denny’s Halloween Brawl Fought By “Sexy” Witches

Gentlemen, we’re gonna make a bold statement: There is nothing sexier than a big-boned woman dressed up as a ladybug flinging pancakes at another woman dressed up like a fairy princess – amiright?! Well, we […]