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Woman Stabs Roommate Because He Kept Playing The Eagles

It’s something that presumably only happens in the movies, but this time it was all too real for a South Carolina man. Yesterday (September 16) Vernett Bader of North Charleston, SC was tired of listening to […]


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BattleBots Returns! James Cameron Brings ‘Robogeddon’ To Discovery Channel

Come closer, child, and let us remember a simpler time – a time when man put down the sword and took up the exterior rotary laser level; tranquil years marked not by calendar, but by […]


Bees Giants Hornets Fight

Hollywood Greenlights ‘300 Honey Bees Attacked By 30 Japanese Giant Hornets’

Attention: Hollywood has finally come to its senses.  Last year, we wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times, pleading with Hollywood to stop remaking classic films – with humans. We can only stomach those melodramatic-bags-of-bones […]


Ninja Fight

[JACKed Up Video] Do You Dare Fight The Ninja???

A sign, a sword, a ninja, and a set of gonads. DO YOU DARE FIGHT THE NINJA?


[Video] Denny’s Halloween Brawl Fought By “Sexy” Witches

Gentlemen, we’re gonna make a bold statement: There is nothing sexier than a big-boned woman dressed up as a ladybug flinging pancakes at another woman dressed up like a fairy princess – amiright?! Well, we […]