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Dr. Cranfill’s Fantasy Football Forecast Week 12

Kelvin Benjamin, Heath Miller, Mike Tolbert, and Adrian Peterson? VERY FUNNY. None of those guys are even playing this week you disembodied jerk. Panthers and Steelers are both on byes and AP is on extended […]

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Dr. Cranfill’s Fantasy Football Forecast Week 11

Some of you have asked how I come up with my picks every week. Well, earlier this week Sasha and Carlos got a sneak peak at my process…. Look. Don’t be questioning the process as […]

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Dr. Cranfill’s Fantasy Football Forecast Week 7

He calls himself Dr. Cranfill, but trust us, he has no idea how to cure Ebola, and he has no idea what he’s doing in Fantasy Football. But that doesn’t stop Cranny from giving out advice…

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Dr. Cranfill’s Week 6 Fantasy Football Guide

Magical. Simply magical. Admittedly all my picks last week were Hail Marys. But unlike those jerks from Tempe my Hail Mary’s all fell incomplete. Well, Antone Smith for the Falcons had a nice game (3 […]

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NFL WILD CARD WEEKEND: Cranfill Makes His Picks

WOOO-HOOO!!!! The NFL Playoffs are here!!!! Now true, LA/OC doesn’t have a home town horse in this race but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be gambling right? Well, technically NONE of us should be gambling……but […]

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Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Investment Strategies Week 7

Photo Credit/Sasha Huff So far the 2011 NFL Season has been harder to understand than Rick Perry at a GOP debate. Sorry Texas, your boy is a moron. The Bills are Raiders are good but […]