Check Out JACK FM’s Sexy Bowl Coverage

Stripper Shortage? Playmates playing football? LA Farmers Field? Stop playing with our emotions, America!!


Playmate Jamie Edmondson Is Back In Skimpy Football Gear

It was only a matter of time until Jamie Edmondson’s wonderful football body wound up back on our website… but this time she highlights only the best moments in Superbowl history. That, of course, means […]



The sweetest and most best NFL weekend is upon us people!!!! We have 4, count ‘em FOUR awesome games to park ourselves in front of the TV and ogle. Now’s the time to put up […]


Kid Rock To Play NFL Halftime Show

Is he a kid? Is he a rock? No one really knows… What we do know is that this man – this stringy-haired, gun-toting, too-cool-for-you DJ-turned-Rocker – is planning a full-fledged rock epic during halftime… […]


Canadians Don’t Understand Football

Hey Brother, Canada, what’s up! Long time no talk. How are things? Listen, there’s something we wanted to talk to you “aboot”. We think you’re great and all with your elk and your syrup and […]


[Video] Football Announcers FREAK OUT Over Blown Call

Ahh, football season. Those few months in the year that elicits some of the greatest sport-fanatics of our time. Then again, is there anything greater than sitting at a bar, chowing down on some chicken […]


Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Picks Week 4

   The greatest sport in the history of mankind, NFL football is in full effect. We enter Week 4 with Dr. Cranfill on a cold streak. Does he REALLY have the vision or is he just […]