Fred Durst

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No, Robert Durst Is Not a Member of Limp Bizkit

Any connection between Robert Durst and “Break Stuff” is currently nothing but allegations in a court of law.


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Fred Durst Directs eHarmony Commercial

By Nadia Noir If you’re doing it all for the nookie then you are in the wrong place. But Fred Durst isn’t. The nu-metal musician, popularized and criticized mostly in the ’90s and early aughts […]


Fred Durst (Paul Bergen/AFP/Getty Images)

Fred Durst is Developing a TV Show

Durst is developing an hour long drama for the CW called ‘The Noise’ that would chronicle the rise of a young artist in the ’90s.


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Limp Bizkit And Lil Wayne ‘Ready To Go’ With New Song

When Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst announced his band had signed with Lil Wayne‘s Cash Money recording home in February 2012, fans and critics questioned the wisdom of the union. With the release of a […]


Limp Bizkit Hasn’t Walked Away From Making Music

Hey guys! We bet you were sitting around wondering what happened to [lastfm]Limp Bizkit[/lastfm]. No, you weren’t? What do you mean? They haven’t come out with a new album since 2005’s The Questionable Truth (Part […]