friday the 13th

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Best Horror Films To Watch In The Dark On Friday The 13th

By Jordy Altman There were three Friday the thirteenths in 2012. Last year, there were two Friday the thirteenths. In 2015, there will be three Friday the thirteenths. This year, however, Friday the 13th appears […]



Full Moon & Friday the 13th–5 Reasons Why Today Is #FreakyFriday

By Nadia Noir Tomorrow’s moon is called the Honey Moon because of it’s amber-hued beauty.  One of the full moon’s in June, according to Wiccan tradition it can also be called a Mead Moon, a […]



5 Superstitious Songs For Friday The 13th

Don’t break a mirror, walk under a ladder, or let a black cat cross your path. If you are at all superstitious, all these things are supposed to freak you out on Friday the 13th. […]



Top 5 Freaky Friday The 13th Facts

Have you ever wondered why people fear the date FRIDAY THE 13TH? The unluckiest day of the year is here! This is just the first of three in 2012, because April and July also will […]


[Friday The 13th] The Ghost Gotcha Prank To End All Ghost Gotcha Pranks

Happy Friday the 13th. Enjoy this spooky prank on our behalf.