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John Moore / Getty Images

Jack’s Favorite After Dentist Drugged Up YouTube Videos

Dentist videos… they never get old. Who can resist cotton-mouthed, slurry people make total morons out of themselves? We can’t! And we got to spend an entire day watching wisdom teeth videos on YouTube. Best. […]


Beer Pong Like a Boss, DUNK IT

Pffft. So what? You hit the last shot to win a game of beer pong. If you were a Beer Pong Boss, you would’ve gone all Spud Webb on that beer pong table and dunked […]


Alcoholic Monkeys Steal Your Drink, Hired For JACK FM

We’ve all been trying it around the office, but so far Dr. Cranfill is the only one able to get the monkeys to bring the drinks back. Think of him as a tanked Dr. Doolittle, or a staggering Jane […]


Sometimes You Gotta Beat Your Children

Kids these days are wayyyyyy to soft. George Carlin used to go on about how kids are too protected these days which in turn, molds them into Nancy boys. I couldn’t agree more. You give […]