Furry Friday

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Raccoon Breaks Into Booze Warehouse & Gets Wasted: #Watch

Don’t lie. You know this is going to be you at Jack’s 10th Show.


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#FurryFriday: Put A Scrunchie On Your Cat, Save A Bird

By Nadia Noir  Scrunchies are coming back into style—but not the way you think. While this trendy girl fashion faux-pas might look totally hot at a ’80s-themed costume party, apparently its also the sartorial savior […]


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TGIFH: Thank God It’s Farting Horse [Watch]

By Jordy Altman It may not be bull-ish, but horse farts are a close second. Have you ever had a friend rescue an animal only to go on and on and on about how great […]


(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for the American Kennel Club)

Adorable Puppy Tries To Reclaim His Bed From Unimpressed Cat

It looks like battle between cats vs. dogs continues to rage on to this day. In this adorable viral video, a 10-week old French Bulldog puppy tries in vain to reclaim his bed from an unshakeable […]


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Furry Friday: Watch A Man Get Smothered By Bunnies

By Nadia Noir The jury is still out on whether this is creepy, adorable, absolutely terrifying or a combination of all three, but getting smothered by bunny rabbits seems like weirdly spiritual experience that only […]


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#FurryFriday: Watch The World’s Ugliest Dog Get A Make-Over

By Nadia Noir Peanut, a chihuahua mutt, was just crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog and made his first appearance post-win on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “He’s either the world’s ugliest dog, or the world’s prettiest rat. […]


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#FurryFriday: Watch These Dogs Surfing In Huntington Beach

By Nadia Noir June gloom is upon us, but we don’t care. If it were up to us, we’d grab a board and our favorite canine and go wrestle some waves. Apparently, that’s how some […]


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#FurryFriday: Cat Demonstrates What It’s Like To Be Us At Work Today

By Nadia Noir It’s Friday. It’s quiet. No one is here. No one is doing anything. No one is really, actually doing any work. Everyone is thinking about barbecuing. Surfing. Spending two days with their […]


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Furry Friday: Sleepiest Kitten Ever

By Nadia Noir If you hate kittens, first of all: you’re a monster. Second, maybe this sleepy kitten will prove you wrong because we’ve known some hardcore kitten haters that have been swayed by less […]


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Furry Friday: Benjamin Button Style Rhinoceros Baby

Because news is slow today and we literally have nothing else to do, meet the brand new baby one-horned rhinoceros from the Bronx Zoo. This lil baby’s real name is Rhinoceros unicornis, which makes it […]