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Watch President Bush Celebrates 90th Birthday By Skydiving

By Nadia Noir As if being President of the United States wasn’t enough and then having a son in office, George H. W. Bush celebrated his 90th birthday by…skydiving! We’re one-third his age and just […]


Horror-scopes June 2nd-10th

Horror-scopes time!!! It’s the time of the twins, you Gemini’s. What, pray tell, is in your future? Only one way to know and that’s to check out this weeks horror-scopes, courtesy of Dr. Cranfill….


Horror-scopes May 26-June 2

We are now in the time of the Twins, you Gemini’s. A lot of ridiculousness awaits you in this week’s installment of Dr. Cranfill’s HORROR-SCOPES!!!!


Horror-scopes!!! (Mar. 14-21, 2010)

We’re in the time of Pisces. Das fish. Who know’s what Dr. Cranfill’s HORRORSCOPE has in store for you? Scroll to your sign and find out.



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