(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Even Ghosts Like To Hang Out At The Happiest Place On Earth

As much as we love Disneyland, sometimes a trip to Walt Disney’s ingenious creation is more like an episode of the Walking Dead. The zombie walk through the park that we like to attribute to […]


Creepy Craigslist

Cheap Mattress And Grandma’s Ghost For Sale By Owner

One man’s treasure is another man’s junk… wait, that’s how it goes, right? We were bored at work, sick and tired of trying to fall asleep underneath the soundboard. So we decided to browse Craigslist today, […]


[Friday The 13th] The Ghost Gotcha Prank To End All Ghost Gotcha Pranks

Happy Friday the 13th. Enjoy this spooky prank on our behalf.