Babe of the Day: Kelly Brook is a Gleek

While Glee is a good show with lots of JACK friendly songs on it (albeit sung by faux-teen Broadway geeks), this post is basically an excuse to give you hot-girl-of-the-day, Kelly Brook. Brook is rumored […]


‘Glee’ Ruins Coldplay or Coldplay Ruins ‘Glee’: You Decide

[lastfm]Coldplay[/lastfm] is done giving the cold shoulder to the show Glee i.e. the show that’s like softcore musical theatre porn for drama geeks who failed to make it to Broadway. Does this mean that we are […]


Best Of Show: Justified, Spartacus, Community & Modern Family

Dancing With the Stars? American Idol? That stupid, stupid abomination Glee? Lost? There are A LOT of craptacular shows out there and I feel the need to steer you guys-n-gals in the right direction…Allow me to […]