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15 Awesome Reasons Why Google’s Self-Driving Cars Coming to California in 2015 Is The Best Thing Ever

By Jordy Altman Hopefully it’s nothing like the one from “Silicon Valley.” Looks like California is getting some new high-tech equipment on the road. Google’s self-driving car – a whimsical hybrid that’s half VW bus, […]


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Los Angeles’ Most Popular Google Searches For 2014

By Nadia Noir With everything going on this year, whether political or paparazzi-realted, search engines were blowing up with this year’s trends. Google, the most popular search engine, tallied all the searches that Angelenos made in […]


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Google Working On Pill That Searches For Illnesses

LAGUNA BEACH (AP) — Google is working on a cancer-detecting pill in its latest effort to push the boundaries of technology. Still in the experimental stage, the pill is packed with tiny magnetic particles, which […]



Be The First Kid On Your Block To Get Google Glass, The High Tech Eyewear

Will it flop, or will it change the world? We’re talking about Google Glass, a piece of eyewear that makes you kind of look like a cyborg, a definitely makes you one step closer to […]

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12 Questions Google Assumes You Have About The Beatles

No matter how big of a Beatles fan you may be, there are still little bits of information about your favorite Liverpudlians you won’t know. That’s why Google is beautiful. This powerful tool will search […]


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Say Hello To Your New Chauffeur: Self-Driving Cars

Is this what it has finally come to people? The machines that we once consumed, will soon consume us. Even as powerhouse humans, we haven’t adequately proven ourselves capable of operating motor vehicles safely? Apparently […]



What’s That Google Doodle? It’s A Moog

To celebrate the birthday of Bob Moog, creator of the Moog synthesizer, Google has made it their doodle of the day.


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The Funniest Novelty Twitter Accounts

When we take a look at the best Twitter accounts, it’s easy to get lost in the Sea of 140 characters or less. Forget @931JackFM, these are the best of the best of the strange. […]



Why Your Internet Is Being Blacked Out Today

Many prominent webpages on the internet are taking the day off today. In a very unified protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that Congress is thinking about passing many of the most visited […]