Image Credit: P. Higginbotham

Creepy Craigslist: Rental Comes With Half-Dead Pets

We were cruisin’ Craigslist today looking at places to rent, and came across a house we absolutely HAVE to buy. But that was before we saw the fine print. We thought the deal was too […]


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Why Are We Celebrating VD Anyway?

Look, we’re all about open minds, but we gotta draw the line somewhere. This has gone unnoticed for way too long and we’re gonna stop it right now. With your help we can put and end to […]


Photo Credit: Jack FM

Hippo Butt Explosion! Now With Real Fart Noises

There’s a Hungry, Hungry Hippos joke in there somewhere, but we’re gonna sit off to the side and let this video speak for itself. WARNING: Explicit (fart) content.