Guitar Swing

Guitarist Swings Guitar Right Off The Stage

When swinging your rock guitar around your neck, please remember to secure your strap locks. Or else this will happen.


David Paul Morris / Getty Images

Peter Frampton’s Long Lost Guitar Is Found 30 Years After Plane Crash

[lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Peter Frampton[/lastfm] can do many cool tricks with the guitar… but when a cargo plane crashed en route to Panama, he lost his axe in the Caribbean. He’s been trying to fish it out for nearly […]


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Classy Covers: You Got It, Dude

Another round of classy covers? Deal with it. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel this week. Everybody loves ELO, but hate all-male college a capella choirs. What happens when they join forces?



Kick-Ass Halloween Heavy Metal Cover

See if you can name each Halloween theme as they’re shredded on the electric guitar.


Band Wagon

[Playing What We Want] Bandwagon, The Metal Band On Wheels, Takes To The Streets

Hey, think they know [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]AC/DC[/lastfm]’s “Highway To Hell?” Heyo!


Image courtesy of Maxim

[Hot Chick And A Power Song] Berit Bech

Guitar hero or guitar goddess? [photogallerylink id=45165 align=left] There’s just something about chicks with guitars… Watching them run their way up and down the neck while cradling an electrically charged body in their arms is […]


Caption This Summer School Music Appreciation

Caption This: Music Appreciation Edition

What say you to another rabble-rousing edition of Jack’s INFAMOUS Caption This contest? Rules are simple: we give you a caption-less picture of a young man making his way to Woodstock. You provide the most best […]


U2 Blind Guitarist

[Video] Bono Invites Blind Audience Member To Play Guitar Onstage

Great news, everyone! Rock Stars are still capable of surprising us with random acts of kindness. Bono is no exception. At [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]U2[/lastfm]’s Nashville, TN concert, magic happened. A man in the front row had […]


[MAN CAVE] Les Paul Guitar Prize

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[Video] Smack The Suck Out Of Your Guitarist

Remember how cool it was attending JACK’s Fifth Show? Dozens of bands, hours of good tunes, rock star after rock star after rock star… At least that’s what they tell us. Hell, we don’t remember. We were […]