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Meanwhile In Southern California: Katt Williams Allegedly Pulls Gun On Comedy Store Heckler

By Nadia Noir Comedians can be real jerks, but so can their hecklers, so it’s a pretty even give-and-take relationship of jerkiness. Most veteran comedians are very good at tuning out hecklers (or using their […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: Man Allegedly Attacks Victim With Crossbow, Fire Extinguisher & Gun

By Nadia Noir Someone has been watching way too many episodes of The Walking Dead. According to the OC Weekly, a man named Julian St. John of Orange was arrested for attacking and wounding a […]



Kid Extracts His Own Tooth… With A Nerf Gun

Remember when Dad tied your loose tooth to that doorknob? Kids… the future is now.



[Video] The Matrix Dubbed With “Pew Pew” Gun Noises

Is it just us, or is this better than the original?


[JACKed Up News] Man Celebrates New Year By Sneezing Out The Bullet That Shot Him

We guess they do it a little different in Naples. Regardless, this story is just too much. We’ve read it over, and over, and over again, but we still can’t believe that this can actually […]


American Soldier Hates His Printer

Seriously…it really is the LEAST they could do.  Help this dude fix his printer.  Apparently this soldier over in Iraq tried to get some help to fix the thing, but he claims that HP says he […]