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Kids These Days: Young Man Shoots Himself While Posing with Gun for Facebook Selfie

By Jordy Altman Camera: Point, click, shoot. Gun: Point, click, shoot. See? It can get a little confusing… Last weekend, Oscar Aguilar, a young man who loved taking selfies, posed with a handgun when he […]


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Ted Nugent: ‘Abortion, Not Guns, Is Eliminating Inner-City Population’

Ted Nugent takes aim at public school systems and President Obama with his latest blog post titled “The Saul Alinsky Plot To Vilify Guns.” On the right-wing website WND, the outspoken rocker labels public schools as “social engineering indoctrination camps,” […]


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Broke After The Holidays? Sell Your Guns, No Questions Asked.

After the Newtown tragedy and tons of other incidents with guns this month, the debacle over whether citizens should legally have the right to possess firearms has lit up the media and has encouraged local […]



Madonna Explains Use of Guns In U.S. Leg Of MDNA Tour, Apologizes to Australia

With the MDNA tour opening in the U.S, Madonna explains how the guns and imagery being used in her live shows are just metaphors.


Duran Duran Save a Prayer

Duran Duran – “Save A Prayer”

Hi tami. I heard this song today this early morning before heading to work around 5:20am lyrics that I remember… “rain keeps dropping rain keeps dropping” it was male vocals I’m sure it was an […]


Santa and Guns

Machine Gun Santa Teaches Second Amendment Rights To Both Naughty AND Nice [VIDEO]

If there’s one thing we associate with Santa Claus, it’s his arsenal of weapons. Second Amendment Santa Claus is a real thing. He’s so real in fact, gun enthusiasts are encouraged to drag their kids to an […]


Guns N' Roses November-Rain

Guns N’ Roses – “November Rain”

oh man oh man I meant 8:40 – 8:50 AM. Something about rain? I like rain. -Rain Guy