NIURKA BARROSO  / AFP / Getty Images

Texas Woman Sues LA Fitness Over Crude Exercises

Hurting for money? You could try getting a refund for your gym membership due to “sexual harassment” claims. According to Yahoo News, Dallas woman Jamie Johnson filed a lawsuit against Fitness International LLC, also known […]


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Crap In Your House? Use Them Weights!

Those heavy metal free weights? Pssssh. There’s nothing free about paying $50 a month for a gym membership. Why not just lift the stuff that’s lying around your house? This is our workout routine for […]


Funny Workout Fails And Exercise Bloopers

The Man Cave is your home away from home… inside your home. Some men choose to turn their brick-and-mortar grotto into personal gyms. Hell, you would too if you pulled this at the YMCA. However, […]