(credit: CBS/Charlie Ashby)

Pea-Sized Hail Scatters Across Huntington Beach

ORANGE COUNTY (CBSLA.com) — Residents woke up on Monday to a rare sighting of hail in Huntington Beach. PHOTOS: Hail Scatters Across Huntington Beach Although it did appear to look like snow, the National Weather […]


Crazy Hail Storm

Us Southern Californians may have to put up with an ocassional earthquake and a heat wave now and again but we never usually see a hail storm like this one that hit Georgia in late […]


Is Oklahoma’s Weird Weather A Sign That God Cries Frozen Tears?

It’s hailing in Oklahoma, which is strange for them it turns out, and not just because the hail is the size of a baseball and looks like it’s being shot out of a heaven cannon. […]