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2012 Revolver Golden Gods Award Show - Inside

How To Dress Like Alice Cooper For Halloween

Need a last-minute costume? This one’s easy – all about the messy hair, makeup and leather.


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Halloween Rock Songs: A Buncha Songs About Monsters For Rocktober

Last week, we gave you a buncha songs about ghosts and celebrated some of our favorite goth goddesses. This week, it’s all about the monsters; the mean ones, the dead ones, the wolf ones, the […]


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10 Creepy, Kooky & Campy Films For Halloween

While some people use Halloween to glory in guts and gore, others are more into Halloween to release their glamorous, campy inner sexpot freak. There’s no better time to lace up some high-heeled dominatrix boots, […]



Halloween 2013: Buncha Creepy Halloween Movie Theme Songs For JACKtober

You know the drill. We obsess over all our favorite horror movie themes from back in the day. We make a list for your perusal. You enjoy it or pepper it with inflammatory comments about […]


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Where Celebrities Are Buried In LA

For as many real and pseudo celebrities there are in Los Angeles, there are even more delebs (dead celebrities) buried beneath its hallowed grounds and surrounds. Offering up the ultimate meet-and-greet beneath your feet, here […]



Halloween Events At SoCal’s Theme Parks

No longer relegated to just one night for little kids, Halloween has taken on a life of its own for teens and adults of all ages at Southern California’s theme and amusement parks. Gore, terror, […]


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Military, Police Organize San Diego ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Training Drill

Getting ready to twerk it out in your Toddlers and Tiara costume? Good for you, but not even go-go juice can help you when the zombie apocolypse hits this fair planet. Allegedly, we’re all good […]


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West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval To Be Held Along Santa Monica Blvd.

The 2012 West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval will be held Wednesday along Santa Monica Boulevard between Doheny Drive and La Cienaga Boulevard from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. KNX 1070′s Pete Demetriou reports as many as 400,000 revelers are expected to fill the streets along ten city blocks.


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Five Frightening Film Scores For Halloween

The Exorcist may be considered by many to be the king of scary movies, but it takes a little more than a possessed and vomit spewing Linda Blair to make it truly horrifying. And what would Psycho be without the percussive stabs of music that take it to an all new level? Take a look at five of the scariest and most suspenseful films of all time that wouldn’t have produced the same amount of chills if it hadn’t been for the amazing music.



5 Timely Couples Costumes For Halloween 2012

If we see one more Raggedy Ann and Andy…





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