In Honor of Princes’ Return: Charlie Murphys’ True Hollywood Stories: Prince

       In honor of Princes’ 21 night residency at the LA Forum, we thought…what better way to honor that than by a flashback to one of the greatest Chappelle Show moments ever…Charlie Murphys’ True Hollywood Stories: […]


Fountain Texting Lady Gets The Trevor Treatment

Meet Cathy Marrero. You may know her as the Fountain Texting Lady. She became a YouTube sensation over the last couple of weeks as she was caught on mall security camera footage, walking while texting […]


Ricky Gervais Kills It at the Golden Globes

If you missed the Golden Globes telecast this past Sunday evening, I for one don’t blame you. The Golden Globes, and pretty much all Hollywood awards shows for that matter, are bunk-tastic, self-aggrandizing exercises in […]