Baby Hippo At San Diego Zoo Is Ready For Bikini Season: Watch

By Nadia Noir You know how a baby hippo gets ready for bikini season? Eats the bikini and just skinny-dips. Devi, an eight week old hippo calf, took her first public swim last Thursday. She […]



Baby Hippo Swimming Like A Pro At San Diego Zoo: Watch

By Nadia Noir Hippo hooray. Spring is officially here when all the babies start poppin’ out of their baby mamas and the San Diego Zoo just welcomed a chubby, but graceful new hippo calf. No […]


Photo by Roberto Schmidt//Getty Images

Furry Friday: Hippo Lets Out World’s Biggest Fart

The Hippopotamus is often the butt of jokes in the Animal Kingdom. And it’s no wonder–considering what comes out of its butt! If you think your bean and broccoli eating father is bad when it […]


Photo Credit: Jack FM

Hippo Butt Explosion! Now With Real Fart Noises

There’s a Hungry, Hungry Hippos joke in there somewhere, but we’re gonna sit off to the side and let this video speak for itself. WARNING: Explicit (fart) content.


Stupid Youtube Animals

This Week In Stupid Animal Internet Videos

The internet is a beautiful and wonderful institution. So let’s use it upload videos of ours pets doing cute things!