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Last Year’s Super Hero Brawl Leads To Mr. Incredible Getting Convicted After Attacking Batgirl

by Nadia Noir Last October, a bunch of costumed superheroes on Hollywood Blvd, including Chewbacca and Where’s Waldo?, went at each other like supervillians. Mr. Incredible did some not so incredible things and became a […]


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7 Widely Believed Myths About L.A.

Clearing up all the myths and lies about Los Angeles.


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“Simple Pickup” Teaches You How To Kiss A Girl You Just Met On Hollywood Blvd

By Jordy Altman LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Dating is no longer a mystery because this YouTube star has broken that ancient, puzzling secret know as a Woman’s Will. “If you’re not a man, you’re a woman.” […]


Musician Britney Spears and friend drive through In-N-Out Burger on February 27, 2003 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mel Bouzad/Getty Images)

8 Things Los Angeles Transplants Always Do

By Vanessa Payes Los Angeles is one of the most energized cities in all of the United States. This multi-cultural mecca and entertainment hub affords countless hopefuls from all over the world a chance at […]


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What Is The Most Famous Movie That Is Set In California?

By Nadia Noir Considering Los Angeles is the film entertainment capital of the world, there are tons of movies set in California. An unofficial guess would be about 50% of them?  There’s Chinatown, Mildred Pierce, Valley […]


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Gibson Guitars Saves Tower Records on Sunset Strip

By Jordy Altman Gone but not forgotten. It was a tough fight, but the Tower Records building on Sunset Boulevard is not getting landmark status. Despite being a flagship of the Sunset Strip, hosting concerts […]


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Social Experiment: “Drunk Girls” Needs A Ride On Hollywood Blvd, Guess What Men Suggest Instead

By Jordy Altman Bet ya didn’t know that Hollywood Boulevard was full of creeps! In a new viral video released by Steven Zhang, a young woman participates in a social experiment in which she wanders […]


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Moviegoer Reportedly Shot With Mace Spray In Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — A man was reportedly shot with Mace after telling a woman to turn off her cellphone inside a Hollywood theater. The incident happened Monday afternoon during the AFI screening of “Mr. Turner” […]


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Silly String? That’s A Quadruple Digit Fine In Hollywood Tonight

By Nadia Noir On Halloween, you can dress like a slutty pumpkin but you cannot, we repeat, can NOT by remotely silly. Well, with silly string that is. A decade ago, the Los Angeles City […]


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Characters Brawl On Hollywood Boulevard

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — They usually spend the day posing for pictures with tourists from around the world, but on Tuesday several costumed characters who work along the Hollywood Walk Of Fame started throwing punches. The fight broke […]