Dr. Cranfill Presents: Mayan Apocalypse HORROR-SCOPES!!!!

(Nov.23-Dec.22) Sagittarius– she moves in mysterious ways.…I’m sure the “she” Bono is referring to isn’t nearly as captivating as Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke. It’s more than likely an allegory for some Bono-y humanitarian thing. Ugh. […]


Dr. Cranfill Presents: HORROR-SCOPES!!!!!!

Photo Credit- the Higgy Don’t be a dufus. Get your HORROR-SCOPE for the week now, freshly squozen from Dr. Cranfill’s cold, dead heart….



Photocredit/P. Higgy After a lengthy hiatus, Dr. Cranfill and his weekly HORRORSCOPES have returned. Now in the time of Scorpios’, what does the good doctor see for you and yours this week?


Photo Credit: MSJ

HORROR-Scopes!! Presented by Dr. Cranfill

Now that the lawsuit is settled, Dr. Cranfill’s HORROR-SCOPES can make their triumphant return. What lies in wait for you Cancers and the rest of the zodiac? Only Cranfill knows….


Your HORROR-SCOPES for the WEEK!!!!!

We now reside in the time of PISCES. What does Dr. Cranfill foresee for all the signs in this installment of HORROR-SCOPES? And why is he only using POWER SONGS from the soundtrack of Topher […]


Dr. Cranfill presents….HORROR-SCOPES!!!!

We are still languishing under the sign of Aquarius until February 20th when we move into Pisces. What say Dr. Cranfill on Aquarius and Pisces? And the rest of for that matter? Find out in this […]


Dr. Cranfill presents…HORROR-SCOPES!!!

What in the blue hell is a Ophiuchus? Dr. Cranfill addresses the proposed newly aligned zodiac in addition to Aries recent air of contentiousness. Don’t miss this weeks HORROR-SCOPES…


HORROR-SCOPES!! December 8th-15th

Oh Sagittarius. What do the stars have in store for you? And the rest of you for that matter? Only Dr. Cranfill knows and he tells all in this weeks installment of, HORROR-SCOPES!!!


Horror-scopes!! Nov. 24th-Dec.2nd

              We have reached the SAGITTARIUS part of the zodiac cycle. What do the stars portend? Who knows but Dr. Cranfill will damn sure hazard a guess..



We are in the time of the SCORPION. What does the future hold for you Scorpio’s and the rest of us? Only Dr. Cranfill knows in this weeks installment of HORROR-SCOPES…