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hot dog

(credit: Eunice L./Yelp)

A Complete Guide To Dodger Stadium’s Best Eats

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of Dodger Stadium’s best eats while watching the game.


credit: Jennifer Stewart/Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks Debut The Churro Dog

By Sarah Carroll What do you get when you combine a churro, donut, and frozen yogurt…instant diabetes? Perhaps, but it’s also known as the Churro Dog! Ballparks are infamous for their unique cuisine. Personally we’re […]



The Great Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza From Pizza Hut

We here at JACK love the culinary arts. Well, who doesn’t love food? As Americans, we feel that we have come up with some of the best food on the planet. From chicken and waffles, donut hamburgers, and the […]


Matthew Peyton / Getty Images for Neuro Drinks

Jack’s Top 5 Post Workout Activities for Strong Muscles

We’ve been pumping iron for Jack’s Muscle Madness for about…one day now. And in that one day of heavy lifting and awkward straining faces, we’ve figured out some fun things to do post-workout. Get ready […]


WTF Wieners? On Octodogs, Happy Hot Dog Men, Mustard Monsters And Catsup Critters

There are bad infomercials… then there are these.