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Load Up on Ben & Jerry’s Bob Marley “Satisfy My Bowl” Ice Cream

By Jordy Altman Load this bowl, I’m starving. Ben & Jerry’s has the best flavors of ice cream. Whatever you’re in the mood for, they have the perfect dessert treat to satisfy your hunger. Their […]


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Best Frozen Treats In Los Angeles To Beat The Heat

By Caitlyn Trudnich Even though the fall season is fast approaching, the weather isn’t any indication. With the summer heat still hanging on, what’s more refreshing than a delicious, frozen treat? From ice cream, to […]


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Baskin-Robbins Giving Angelenos $1.31 Scoops Of Their 31 Flavors On The 31st Of Every Month This Year

By Nadia Noir Los Angeles, we might be in the middle of a massive drought that has been deemed more “dire” than originally suspected, but we’ll never run out of perfect sunny days, good vibes, […]


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Ben & Jerry’s Creates Two New Ice Cream Flavors Based On ‘Saturday Night Live’

By Nadia Noir 31 Flavors? Pshaww. What about a million-gazillion? We’re not sure that’s an exact number, but seriously: Ben & Jerry’s as tons of ice cream flavors. Their two newest are inspired by the […]


Photo by Sylvia Yoo / Churro Borough

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Hits Los Angeles

by Sasha Huff Is there any better way to spend Summer than eating your way through Los Angeles? Especially when that involves something like a churro ice cream sandwich? It’s true you guys! You haven’t died […]


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Burger King Giving Away Free Ice Cream Until June 8th

Free ice cream alert! We know, that you know, that we know how much people love a nice cold ice cream during one of SoCal’s red-hot summers. Seriously. With temperatures getting as high as the […]


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Free Cone Day At Haagen-Dazs

By Adam Bookbinder Free ice cream when the temperature is supposed to hit around 100 dergees??  Yes please!!!! Today is free cone day at Haagen-Dazs! Just stop by any participating Haagen-Dazs ice cream shop today […]


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Food Inventor Creates Viagra Champagne Ice Cream

A British food inventor has created an ice cream flavor which is sure to give a rise out of some people, especially men. Charlie Harry Francis, owner of Lick Me I’m Delicious, is an award winning food […]


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Free Ben & Jerrys Cones Tomorrow

By Nadia Noir Bikini season is here which means you should descend into a pile of slothful gluttony and make self-deprecating remarks about your body all season long until Thanksgiving rolls around and and you […]


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(credit: Stephen Mallon/Getty Images)	

(credit: Stephen Mallon/Getty Images)

Long Beach Ice Cream Trucks Might Lose Their Jingle

LONG BEACH ( — The days of amplified music on ice cream trucks that attract children seeking a cool, creamy treat may be over in the city of Long Beach. Councilman Dee Andrews Tuesday is […]




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