Ice-T Curating Hip-Hop Festival featuring Game, Rakim, EPMD

This is a festival that mostly leans old school.


14 best musician quotes of 2014

Top 14 Quotes from’s Video Interviews

Here are 14 favorite interviews that had on camera in 2014, from Jimmy Page talking about encouraging Robert Plant to write lyrics, to Ice-T lamenting the current state of hip-hop.


Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Jack FM’s Old Skool Joint of the Week – Ice T

Sorry, I don’t have any time to research this week’s artist.  Instead, I’m re-using a report I did on the color blue in the 1st grade.


Ice-T Gets Arrested, Whines on Twitter

Don’t the cops of New York know that [lastfm]Ice-T[/lastfm]┬áruns those streets? From his stint as a tough-as-New York-pigeon-meat detective on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and his single “Cop Killer” that blew up the […]