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Writer Jonah Lehrer Caught Fabricating Bob Dylan Quotes

In his best-selling book “Imagine,” Jonah Lehrer presents a look into the mind and creative process of Bob Dylan. It’s just one small part of the writer’s third work of nonfiction, but now Lehrer is fessing up to fabricating multiple quotes from Dylan.


John Lennon Letter Urges Young Musician to ‘Imagine No Possessions’

The British postal system may only “get by with a little help from a friend” called the Queen, but 40 years is way too long for an inspirational missive from the venerable [lastfm]John Lennon [/lastfm]to […]


John Lennon’s Face Could Be “Coined”

John Lennon‘s music may be worth a lot –both materially and emotionally–but is he made of money? Well, it could be the other way around soon. Money could be made out of…him. Or rather, his […]


John Lennon Gets Reissued At 70

To celebrate what would be his 70th birthday, Yoko Ono and EMI teamed up to reissue eight of [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm]’s solo albums plus release a greatest hits and four-disc anthology called Gimme Some Truth. The […]