Dumb and Dumber Inception

[JACKed Up Video] What If Dumb And Dumber Were Inception…

Austria? We need to go deeper, mate.


[Ask Tami] What’s That Song? “INCEPTION”

it was played on March 7,2011 after evil ways by santana and before dream on by aerosmith around 10:35 pm!!! thanks -Jessika ___________________________________________________ I heard a song tonight (3-7-11) at about 10:35pm … it has […]


2011 Oscars: Who Will Win Best Picture?

This is the second year that 10 films have been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. The films span from hugely popular to what movie are you talking about? Catch up with the trailers from […]


More Batman Rumors! Christopher Nolan Keeps Messing With Our Minds

Christopher Nolan wants to crack open those rusty old “doors of perception” in that brain of yours, wallow in your wet dirty┬ádark-side, confuse you into a state of unreality, and take your money at the […]


‘Inception’ Blows A LOT Of Minds

Get your “sleep”-related puns ready, newspaper headline writers of America…Inception cleaned up at the box office this weekend, exceeding expectations en route to a $60 million opening! Find out about the weekend at the movies […]


‘Inception’: 5 Minutes of Trippy Clips

If you’ve waiting all summer for an action blockbuster film that feels like a seven-day peyote trip in a science fiction sweat lodge, Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is here to basically hijack all the […]