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Jiff The Pomeranian Rolls Through Store On Tonka Truck, Owns Life: #Watch

By Nadia Noir  We’d like to imagine that when someone sees Bustache rollin’ through their ‘hood, that life just seems that much more…adorable. Let’s just hope it’s not something else that rhymes with adorable…like horrible? […]


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Average Woman Spends Five Hours A Week Taking Selfies

By Sarah Carroll It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but we’ll admit it. We’re absolutely guilty of taking a selfie or two…or five, but according to a new study, this 21st century epidemic […]


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7 Types Of Annoying People On Instagram

By Ramon Gonzales In this golden age of instantaneous communication, the world has officially become a significantly smaller place. Breaking news travels at the speed of a tweet and almost every question can score an […]


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50 Musicians Pose With Their Ridiculously Adorable Pets

When it comes to selfies, nothing makes one better than having your pet in the picture.


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Californians Are The Most Self-Centered Social Media Users In The United States

By Nadia Noir  Here’s my overpriced car, perfect latte, expensive exercising habit, a selfie with my best friend Kim Kardashian (who shops at my favorite organic grocery store) and an inspirational quote with pictures of […]


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The 10 Most Instagrammed Places In LA

As the third most photographed city behind New York City and Bangkok, Los Angeles offers a myriad of top spots to snap away. After all, LA is a pretty great setting for a photo with […]


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Kids These Days: SoCal Teen Threatens Valencia High School Through Instagram

By Nadia Noir Kids these days are constantly up to something ridiculously stupid. But one Southern California teen did something even more moronic than the rest–he posted threats against students at Valencia High School on […]


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The Best Apps To Make You The Perfect Lover This Summer

By Jordy Altman Finding love in the Digital Age can be hard. With everybody burying their faces deep into their phones, it can seem awfully difficult to find a new singles to date. Don’t let […]


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Lawyers Now Allowed To Scour Jurors’ Social Media Accounts

Better put those Facebook and Twitter privacy levels on high alert because lawyers have just been given the green light to research potential jurors’ social media accounts. Yes, all of your embarrassing status updates and […]



Giant Matchsticks Popping Up Around LA, But Why?

LOS ANGELES ( — Giant matchsticks have been popping up around Los Angeles and no one is sure why or what they represent. The large props have been spotted in areas such as Runyon Canyon, Hollywood, […]