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12 Questions Google Assumes You Have About The Beatles

No matter how big of a Beatles fan you may be, there are still little bits of information about your favorite Liverpudlians you won’t know. That’s why Google is beautiful. This powerful tool will search […]


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Madonna’s Instagram Gets Instaweird

Madonna joined the photo-sharing social network Instagram back in November. Other than an Election Night photo, Madge’s pictures were generic concert shots – nothing too captivating or interesting. She hasn’t posted anything since. That was […]


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NorCal Teenage Girls Drug Parents’ Milkshake To Use Internet After Curfew

“Here, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw. There it is, that’s a straw, you see? You watching?. And my straw reaches acroooooooss the room, and starts […]



Best Sites To Waste Hours Of Your Life Away On The Internet

Whether you’re staring off into space at your desk, idly stapling blank pieces of paper together for no apparent reason, or doodling on Post-Its, we all know what you’re doing. You’re procrastinating. Don’t be ashamed, […]



Is This The Best 404 Error Page On The Internet?

We’re not sure what we’re looking at… hell, we’re not even sure how we managed to end up in this crazy part of the world-wide web… but we’re here and we’re for damn sure not […]



Why Your Internet Is Being Blacked Out Today

Many prominent webpages on the internet are taking the day off today. In a very unified protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that Congress is thinking about passing many of the most visited […]


Devastating Explosions

Devastating Explosions At The Push Of A Button

How many times has someone said, “Whatever you do – DON’T PUSH THE RED BUTTON.” Well guess what, genius? Now you can! Note: Turn your speakers waaaaay up.


Stupid Youtube Animals

This Week In Stupid Animal Internet Videos

The internet is a beautiful and wonderful institution. So let’s use it upload videos of ours pets doing cute things!


Draw A Stickman

[Playing What We Want] Draw A Is Badass

Sick and tired of your stickmen sticking to the paper? So were we – until we discovered this amazing website! It took two seconds for our 2-D brethren to become a hero of time and […]


Twitter Sixth Show

Twitter Us At Jack’s Sixth Show… That’s A Thing, Right?

Are you one of those technologically savvy so-and-so’s who uses Twitter? Cool! We are too, we think. Check out the official Jack FM Twitter feed for live updates from Jack’s Sixth Show in beautiful Irvine, […]