The Internet Masterpiece Experiment: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Edition

We asked a co-worker the other day what they’re thoughts were on the internet. They said they only use it for three things: taxes, email, and porn. Really? Is that all the internet is good […]


Stevie Nicks Looks Into Her Crystal Ball, Says Internet is Bad

[lastfm]Stevie Nicks[/lastfm] threw on her fringed shawl, whispered in Latin to the raven on her shoulder, took out her crystal ball and foresaw the future of rock ‘n roll: the internet doth make it sucketh. Then […]


Willy Wonka is Blowing Up the Interwebs

We always thought Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a pretty perverse, creepy movie (which is obviously why we loved it), so it is no surprise that some sneaky, sick little mind made this […]