The Cup Size Choir Sings With Holiday Cheer

The holidays bring out the breast best in everyone, don’t they? These lingerie sirens are INTERACTIVE. How so? Click on one of them and they sing orgasmic oohs and ahhs based on their cup size. The […]


The Internet Masterpiece Experiment: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Edition

We asked a co-worker the other day what they’re thoughts were on the internet. They said they only use it for three things: taxes, email, and porn. Really? Is that all the internet is good […]


Stevie Nicks Looks Into Her Crystal Ball, Says Internet is Bad

[lastfm]Stevie Nicks[/lastfm] threw on her fringed shawl, whispered in Latin to the raven on her shoulder, took out her crystal ball and foresaw the future of rock ‘n roll: the internet doth make it sucketh. Then […]


Willy Wonka is Blowing Up the Interwebs

We always thought Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a pretty perverse, creepy movie (which is obviously why we loved it), so it is no surprise that some sneaky, sick little mind made this […]