iPhone 4

Siri Stairway to Heaven

iPhone 4 Siri Completely Destroys Led Zeppelin – “Stairway To Heaven”

Spoof site Scoopertino is out to keep Apple in check. Whether Apple deserves praise or blame for revolutionizing the music business, it’s clear that Siri has no idea what what to do in front of […]


FaceTime For iPhone 4 Equals AdultTime

Have you ever wanted to hold a hot chick in the palm of your hand? Well, the new iPhone has an app for that. And by “app” we mean a video camera so skilled, so […]


Apple Giving Away Free Cases To iPhone 4 Users

What is being referred to as “Antennagate,” Steve Jobs has taken some jabs since the release of the iPhone 4 for the design flaw of the antenna that is causing bad reception for a number of users. To […]


The New iPhone Passes Out In A Bar, Ends Up On The Internet

Apple’s new piece of sexy technology, the next generation iPhone 4,  found itself in a Redmond, CA bar over the weekend, and now the Internet has the pictures to prove it.