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This Text Message Bug Can Crash Your iPhone

By Sarah Carroll You iPhone may seem invincible, but one single text message has the ability to shut it down. The bug was first discovered by some Redditors and now word has spread like wildfire. […]


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13 Items An Angeleno Would Pack In Their Apocalypse Survival Kit

What would an Angeleno need to survive the apocalypse? Check out the 12 items you’d probably find in an Angeleno’s survival bag.


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Best Dating Apps To Use To Get Laid in LA

Welcome to the new age of dating, where young men and women use their smartphones to swipe away the undesirables and match up with selfie-taking socialites. In this new age of dating, mobile apps are […]


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‘Hairgate’ Is the Latest iPhone 6 Complaint

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – The latest complaint among iPhone 6 owners on social media is the smartphone is allegedly ripping out chunks of hair. An iPhone 6 Plus owner posted on 9to5mac.comcomplaining that when using the […]


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6 Ways To Get To The Front Of The Line For The iPhone 6 Launch

By Jordy Altman  Apple is gearing up to unveil the new iPhone 6 during their annual Keynote event on September 9th. Smartphone super fans all over California will be crowing around their MacBooks to watch […]



U2 Denies Report Their New Album Will Help Launch iPhone 6

The band has let it be known that they’re not springing their 13th album as part of the upcoming Apple campaign for the next iPhone.


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Los Angeles Uber Driver Kidnaps Phone For $500 From Passenger Who Left Phone In Car

Oh, the irony. Uber, a service most popular because of the ability to push a button and get a car, has been making the news a lot lately. And not for good reason. After bumping […]


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From Bricks To The Flexible Smartphone: A Brief History

On Monday, cellphone manufacturer LG announced it will start producing a smartphone with a flexible screen that will be available to the public next year, CNN reports. This new phone, as the name suggests, is […]

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Apple Unveils New iPhone Designs

CUPERTINO (CBS/AP) — Apple says it is planning to release two new iPhone designs later this year so it can serve more customers. The iPhone 5C, which will be available in five colors — green, […]


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Woman Who Thinks She’s Buying Two iPhones Actually Buys Two Apples. It’s Exactly What You Think

A woman from the land down under had the wool pulled over her eyes to the tune of $1200 big ones. The 21 year old Australian woman, who for obvious reasons was not identified, had […]

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