Jack Sticker Pimps

[Lunch Hit] August 9th, Santoro’s Subs in Burbank

Saving the world one sub at a time at the lovely, Santoro’s Subs.


Photo Credit: Jack FM

[Lunch Hit] July 7th, Sando’s Subs In Manhattan Beach

Catching some rays and grubbing on sandos at Sando’s Subs!!


[Lunch Hit] July 5th, Alondra Hot Wings in Montebello

  Photo Credit: JACK FM Jack FM Sticker Pimps, Rich $ and Mags, brought the heat to Montebello and Alondra Hot Wings on this fine July afternoon.


[Lunch Hit] June 28th, People’s Choice Cafe In Placentia

Sticker Pimp Catherine hanging out with John and John’s parents from the People’s Choice Cafe in Placentia.


[Lunch Hit] June 13th, Soul Dog

Cat at Soul Dog with a fellow soul dog!


[Lunch Hit] Chick’s Restaurant

Sticker Pimp Rich $ playing peek-a-boo with a couple of chicks at Chick’s Restaurant in Woodland Hills.


[Lunch Hit] May 26th Al’s NY Cafe

Sticker Pimp Abe, random girl, and her new Angels hat all enjoy a slice at Al’s NY Cafe.


[Lunch Hit] March 10th, Sonic

Yeah, Jack FM lollipops in your hair may seem like a good idea…until you fall asleep near an anthill.


Sticker Pimps Want To Meet You For Lunch!

One of the favorite pastimes of a Sticker Pimp is going out to lunch – you know, setting up a tent, giving out prizes, and playing the best music you will hear all day – […]