Jackass 3D

“Jackass 3-D” Red Carpet Premiere Declared “Epic”

For this week’s installment of The Guest List, our friend Jordy Altman hit the red carpet to interview the intellectual giants of “Jackass 3-D.” I usually don’t like to use the word “epic” when I write. […]


‘Jackass 3D’: Just When You Thought Your Mind Was Scarred Enough

Take a look at the picture above. Now read the following sentence: Jackass is coming out in 3D on October 15th. How do you feel? Like bleaching your eye sockets? Cutting away the parts of your […]


Bam Margera Assaulted By 59-Year-Old Slugger!

A  new report has come out that Bam Margera was assaulted this past weekend by a 59-year-old lady wielding a baseball bat. Elizabeth Ray apparently hit Margera on the head with a baseball bat at 2am as he […]