Woman Shocked By ‘F— You’ Message From Expedia EmployeeCara Viramontes couldn’t believe what she saw when she opened a recent email from travel site Expedia.com.
Meet Daniel The Emotional Support DuckWe've heard of service animals before, but this one is pretty wild.
Watch: A Raccoon Named "Stanley" Steals A College Student's PhoneRemember kids, you can't trust raccoons.
A Guy Put His BMW In His Living Room To Protect It From Hurricane MatthewYou can't even make this stuff up.
Poop Café Restaurant Opening In Toronto“I’m trying to make poop cute,” the owner told the Toronto Star.
Ronald McDonald Keeping A Low Profile Amid Reports Of Creepy Clown SightingsMcDonald's says Ronald McDonald is keeping a low profile with reports of creepy clown sightings on the rise.
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News Asks Strangers About 'First Lady Debate'The candidate's spouses never held their own debate, but that didn't stop strangers on the street from sharing their opinions on it.
Is This Evidence Of A Ghost Caught On Video?This is either some of the most compelling video evidence we've ever seen, or this is a well executed hoax.
Blood-Sucking Mites Blamed For Skin Irritations At OC SchoolA recent outbreak at an OC elementary school has been found to be caused by *GROSS* blood mites.
Creepy Clown Sightings No Joke For Some CommunitiesFears of killer clowns have swept the country on social media with photos of unconfirmed clown sightings and possible hoaxes.
Kim Kardashian ‘Unharmed’ after Being Robbed at GunpointThe robbers took an estimated six million dollars worth of jewelry
Restaurant Offers Free Burgers For Life If You Get A Burger TattooWhat would you ink on your body in exchange for a lifetime supply?

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