Jack’s 12th Show: The Offspring, 311, Cypress Hill, Gin Blossoms, Lit, and Eve 6 October 7th at FivePoint Amphitheatre. Tickets on sale NOW!
This Is What Happens When You Make A Request
JACK's 5th Show Dance Off Montage
JACK’s 5th Show: Modern English Melt The Hearts of OG Valley Girls
JACK’s 5th Show: The Spazmatics/Metal Shop Get The Party Started
JACK's 5th Show: Young MC Makes Everyone Bust It
JACK's 5th Show: The Fixx Mends All That's Broken
JACK's 5th Show: Night Ranger Blasts Irvine Wireless
JACK’s 5th Show: Skid Row Stands Up For Hard Rock
JACK's 5th Show: The Cult Makes Dark, Mysterious Love To Jack’s 5th Show
JACK's 5th Show: The 'Sweet' Opener
Welcome To JACK's 5th Show: We Are Still Awesome
Dance Off Contest for Seat Upgrade

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