JACK’s 5th show

This Is What Happens When You Make A Request

Well, JACK’s 5th Show may be over, but the craziness keeps on coming. Fans all over the festival grounds were so excited that [lastfm]Vanilla Ice[/lastfm], [lastfm]The Cult[/lastfm], and [lastfm]The Steve Miller Band [/lastfm]performed, they could have sworn […]


JACK’s 5th Show Dance Off Montage

This video might seem a little to go up after the wrap up of JACK’s 5th, but our bodies and livers are still trying to recuperate after the long night of music, drinking and of […]


JACK’s 5th Show: Modern English Melt The Hearts of OG Valley Girls

In the spirit of utmost honesty, we were the most excited for [lastfm]Modern English[/lastfm]’s performance; we grew up memorizing the words to Valley Girl, listening to British New Wave, and hoping that one day we […]


JACK’s 5th Show: The Spazmatics/Metal Shop Get The Party Started

This was the most peaceful moment of Jack’s 5th show; the air smelled like funnel cake, the promo babes in white hot pants hadn’t been manhandled and were still crisp with starch, the staff was […]


JACK’s 5th Show: Young MC Makes Everyone Bust It

[lastfm]Young MC[/lastfm] might have been one of the shortest sets at Jack’s 5th Show (approximately 15 minutes of bald, track-suited wonder), but he was the product of many mysterious backstage whispers by both drunk rock gods loopy enough […]


JACK’s 5th Show: The Fixx Mends All That’s Broken

You understand, you were there with us at Jack’s 5th Show; this is rock ‘n roll and every rock star must get their fix. As the delusional rock stars we are, one thing leads to […]


JACK’s 5th Show: Night Ranger Blasts Irvine Wireless

Night Ranger was set to hit the stage immediately after Vanilla Ice.  The crowd was totally pumped after being iced that there’s pretty much Night Ranger could do no wrong once the stage turned around […]


JACK’s 5th Show: Skid Row Stands Up For Hard Rock

There were bands before [lastfm]Skid Row[/lastfm] and there were bands after Skid Row, but if you were there in the audience at JACK’s 5th Show there was only one band that blew up the crowd with […]


JACK’s 5th Show: The Cult Makes Dark, Mysterious Love To Jack’s 5th Show

Unquestionably one of the bigger draws of the night, [lastfm]The Cult[/lastfm] packed the seats at Jack’s 5th Show for a night of shadowy goth-rock complete with a sheath of swirling smoke, spellbinding lights and a commanding […]


JACK’s 5th Show: The ‘Sweet’ Opener

It’s mid-afternoon and the sun is beating down hard, overbaking the exposed midriffs of ripened groupies and shirtless backs of rugged 80s metal heads just beginning to filter into their seats at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for the kickoff to Jack’s 5th […]