JACK’s 5th show

Welcome To JACK’s 5th Show: We Are Still Awesome

We’re at Jack’s 5th Show, boozin’, chillin’ and getting around–like you do at any JACK event. The side shows set up and [lastfm]The Spazmatics[/lastfm] just finished their set. Even though we’re excited for the headliners to […]


Dance Off Contest for Seat Upgrade

Take your pants off! No wait, get ready to Karaoke your favorite song from the artists of JACK’s 5th Show in order to up the ante on your seats and get a ticket upgrade.  WHAT!


JACK’s 5th Show: JACK’s Show Artists Best Fashion Disasters

When it comes to rock stars and fashion, they have their own set of rules. It’s their charisma and talent that makes them shine, not over-priced designer clothes. And yet, there are some clothes that […]



                      You’ve been asking for it and who are we to play hard to get? Click on more for the set times and schedule of JACK’s 5th show…..


Jack’s 5th Show Stick-Up

Right before we left for the Labor Day weekend, we found some lawn seat tickets* to Jack’s 5th Show sitting around.  So, we decided to have a good ‘ol fashion Jack Stick-Up, and this time […]


Jack’s 5th Show: Dance/Hip-Hop Remixes of 5th Show Artists

Ooonce. Ooonce. Ooonce. Fist pumping in the air. Vodka and RedBull in your hand. While your day-to-day persona may be that of rock dude extraordinaire, it’s ok to admit to the world that you’ve twirled a glow-stick or […]


Jack’s 5th Show: Movies That Used Modern English’s ‘I Melt With You’

We, like, totally grew up in the Valley so we fer sher had a cow when we first saw the 1983 film, Valley Girl. Oh my god, Nick Cage was a babe-o-rama even if he […]


Jack’s 5th Show Scary-oke: People Love to Screw Up Night Ranger’s ‘Sister Christian’

It’s just another night out at the karaoke bar. Girls are breaking eardrums attempting “I Will Always Love You” and booze is flowing. Dude friend shows up looking like the ultimate bro: team jersey, baseball cap, […]


The Joker by Steve Miller Band on….Ukulele?

The Steve Miller Bands’ immortal THE JOKER gets the ukulele treatment…Question is, will this guy make us hate ukulele’s more than Tiny Tim did, or does he rock it out? Only one way to find out…click […]