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Japan Opens Hotel Entirely Run by Robots

Imagine checking into your hotel, but instead of being greeted by a friendly human being, you’re greeted by a dinosaur robot! Can’t picture it? We’re here to help. A hotel in Japan has done away […]


(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

KFC Hosting Twitter Contest to Win Giant Drumstick iPhone Case

By Jordy Altman We’ll take an iPhone 6, extra crispy. Japan has really outdone themselves with their new KFC promotion. If you’re an Apple iPhone owner and you’ve always wanted to club a giant chicken […]


(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Furry Friday: Watch A Man Get Smothered By Bunnies

By Nadia Noir The jury is still out on whether this is creepy, adorable, absolutely terrifying or a combination of all three, but getting smothered by bunny rabbits seems like weirdly spiritual experience that only […]


Screenshot courtesy of Youtube

Kids These Days: Eyeball Licking Cuz Why Not

We’ve chronicled the dangerous exploits of kids trying to smoke alcohol and snort condoms, but this time around kids are engaging in an age-old weird fetish lovingly called “worming” by those into “oculolinctus,” or eyeball […]


Photo by Astrid Stiawarz//Getty Images

Guinness World Record Set By Synchronized Mascots Dancing In Guess Where…

Nothing cheers us up more than happy-go-lucky absurdist antics, the kind of cute quirkiness that the Japanese have pretty much patented. So, if you’re feeling down, just watch this video of 134 mascot characters doing […]



Dutch Women’s Olympic Field Hockey

The Netherlands is home to the ladies dwelling in bright orange and they’re no prison inmates. Ladies and gentleman especially, feast your eyes upon the finest field hockey team. Hence the word finest. As the […]



Dog Beans And Their One A Day Trivia Are Equal Parts Cute And Horrifying

Oh, you’re not familiar with mameshiba? After you finish watching these amazing Japanese commercials, you will. And you won’t be able to stop. We’re not kidding. You won’t be able to tear your face away […]



Japan Tsunami Debris To Hit A California Coast Near You!

Looks like the earthquake that hit Japan is about to reign vengeance upon California’s coastline… in the form of trash, rot, and debris.


Levitation Hot Wheels

The Future Of Flying Hot Wheels On A WipeOut Levitation Track

Those Hot Wheels you collected as a kid aren’t worth a damn. Sorry to break the news to ya, Ol’ Timer, but when the manufactured rubber hits the road, you’re cruisin’ down memory lane. It’s […]


Japan Staircase

Crazy Japanese Game Show Involving… Stairs?

Ichi… Ni… San… STAIRCASE!!!