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Part Time Pizza Delivery Job, $31,000/Hour. Interested?

As an American, have you ever felt that you have taken your pizza for granted? Think about it: with no more than a phone call, you could have two extra-large, extra-cheese, extra-garlic-sauce-on-the-side, deep dish pepperoni […]


Weird Pepsi Flavors From Round the World

    For some reason, here in the States, all we get is Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and whatever that new super diet Pepsi is. But the rest of the world, gets all kind of magical Pepsi […]


Gary Busey Has No Shame… And It’s Funny As Hell!

If you’ve never followed Gary Busey on Twitter then you’ve never experienced some of the most shameless, low, despicable and hilarious tweets you will ever see.  His thoughts are the written embodiment of talking to […]




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