Jason Bonham

Led Zeppelin's "III"

Led Zeppelin’s Weekend Countdown… But To What?

Over the weekend, Led Zeppelin kicked off a countdown to an unspecified event on their Facebook page. On Saturday, they posted the word “Five” (in the font that the band used on their The Song Remains The Same album cover), leading to a flurry of online speculation: is there a 5 disc box set coming out? Is there a lost album between 1971’s Led Zeppelin (often referred to as “IV”) and the follow-up, 1973’s Houses Of The Holy that would now be seeing the light of day?


Meet the New Supergroup, Black Country Communion

Black Country Communion looks to be the next big supergroup. Combining pieces of classic rock firepower with prog-rock ingenuity, we’re excited to see where this music could go.


Jason Bonham “Dreams” of a Led Zeppelin Reunion- And Sends Invites!

He certaintly isn’t promising a reunion during his “[lastfm]Led Zeppelin[/lastfm] Experience” tour scheduled for the fall. But Jason Bonham has vividly expressed that it’s his “goal and dream” to play on stage with the whole band again. […]


Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour Almost Left Robert Plant Behind

Jason Bonham, drumming spawn of original Zep time-keeper John Bonham,  recently revealed in an interview that a reunion tour including guitarist [lastfm]Jimmy Page[/lastfm] and bassist [lastfm]John Paul Jones [/lastfm] almost happened — without one key […]


Son Of a Zeppelin

[lastfm]Jason Bonham[/lastfm], son of legendary [lastfm]Led Zeppelin[/lastfm] drummer [lastfm]Jon Bonham[/lastfm], is pounding the hammer of the Gods for a Zepplin Tribute Tour. Keep reading for the details!