(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

WATCH: Jeopardy’s Awkward “Age Of Consent” Blooper

By Sarah Carroll Seriously, Hollywood? When are you finally going to take our advice and create a TV channel devoted solely to game show bloopers? They never disappoint! Earlier this week, we watched a Price Is Right modelaccidentally […]


(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Alex Trebek Raps Super Awkwardly On ‘Jeopardy’

By Nadia Noir It ain’t nothing but a ‘g thang,’ and in this case that “G” stands for geeky, gameshow host Alex Trebek. The veteran gameshow host put his rap reputation at jeopardy (see what […]


Video Of The Day: Dec 3 “What Is A Hoe?”

Remember Ken Jennings, current Jeopardy Winning Streak Record holder? We thought you did. He may consider himself one of the smartest men alive, but even the most illustrious geniuses flub up every now and then. […]


Rappin’ and Rockin’ on Jeopardy?

If you think you ain’t gots none of that book-learnin’ to be able to go on Jeopardy, think again, Jethro.  ‘Cause there ain’t no party like a Jeopardy party, cuz a Jeopardy party don’t stop. […]