Joe Walsh

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Joe Walsh New Album And 2012 Tour Dates

With a new solo record, Analog Man available June 5, and a string of tour dates, Joe Walsh is indeed living life in the fast lane. He kicks off his solo tour in May, and […]



Joe Walsh Announces First Solo Album in 20 Years

It’s been 20 years since Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh released his last solo album, 1992’s “Songs for a Dying Planet.” Since then, the music world – and well, the world as we know it – […]


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[What’s That Song?] Joe Walsh – “Life’s Been Good”

Hi Tami, I heard a song this morning (well yesterday morning now) at 10:48AM. It was a male vocalist, I believe heavy on guitar and drums. It was hard to tell what the chorus was, […]


What’s That Song? Ask Tami: “I’ve got a mansion”

Hey, this played a little after midnight 9/24. The lyrics started of with: I’ve got a mansion don’t know the price, never been there I hear it’s nice. -Orlando It played after midnight? Boy, Tami […]




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