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13 Best Junk Food Snacks In Los Angeles

Whether it’s National Junk Food Day or not, sometimes you just want to eat something that isn’t 100% healthy, right? Day in and day out, we’re told to eat salads, stay away from white carbs […]


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Apple Watch Will Let You Buy Junk Food Without The Extra Effort Of Taking Money Out

By Nadia Noir Science fiction always joked/threatened/warned of the day when we’d all have a barcode embedded inside of us that not only ID’d us but served as a way for us to pay for […]


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Unusual Snack Flavors: The Good, The Bad, & The Surprisingly Tasty!

By Caitlyn Trudnich These days, when it comes to flavor combinations, anything goes!  Shows like Frankenfood and Bizarre Foods, and the annual Orange County Fair highlight creative culinary concoctions and cultural delicacies that are anything […]


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Fried & True: America’s Most Intense Fair Food

By Ramon Gonzales Synonymous with the long days of summer, the fair remains one of this country’s most cherished traditions. From the Ferris wheel to the midway, images of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web materialize with […]


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Munchie Report: Fried Chicken Oreos Are Rumored To Exist

By Nadia Noir Someone Instagrammed a picture that we’ll give you a minute to take in. What’s it of? Fried Chicken Oreos. Yep. Now, no one knows if it’s real or not, but crazy-flavored junk […]


Photo courtesy of 7 Eleven

Doritos Loaded Coming to 7-Eleven in LA

We have no idea what to think about this. But that’s ok because who cares. It’s called Doritos Loaded, and when it hits multiple 7-Eleven locations in LA on July 2nd, we will be trying […]


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Man Has Heart Attack At Heart Attack Grill

In a news story that no one could have ever predicted, a person eating a “triple bypass burger” at the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas… had a heart attack.