jury duty

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Denver Woman Fakes Crazy To Get Out Of Jury Duty, Turns Out She Actually Is Sort Of Crazy

Whether you’ve heard the old “pretend-you’re-a-psychic-and-know-the-outcome-already” trick or the tried-and-true resident psycho trick, the only trick that really works to get out of Jury Duty is basically being dead. Or, you can claim PTSD like […]


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Woman Fakes Mental Illness To Avoid Jury Duty

We’re pretty good at faking it. But a 57-year old woman in Denver has us rethinking that tactic. After faking a mental illness to get out of jury duty a la Liz Lemon, the woman […]


Cats Are People Too. No, Seriously, She Does Jury Duty

We all knew that chick who doted WAYYY too much on her kitten. Maybe she would invite you over for a movie, or maybe the big game was on, but it would always end up the […]