The Best Drunk Karaoke Fails

Don’t you know that karaoke is a natural aphrodisiac? So it’s National Karaoke Week and we know the JACK FM listeners do THE BEST karaoke. Always calling in and serenading us… truly, your rendition of […]


We Can’t Believe It’s Not Axl…

There’s nobody in the world that is as good as Axl Rose! NO ONE! Not a single, living soul can sing like Axl! Never in the history of rock will we hear the battle cry […]


JACK’s 5th Show Karaoke Makes Its Rounds At Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

JACK’s 5th Show was pretty much just like an epic party at your neighborhood dive bar on a much grander scale. The beer was flowing, the music was blasting and the fans embraced each other as they drunkenly slurred […]


Dance Off Contest for Seat Upgrade

Take your pants off! No wait, get ready to Karaoke your favorite song from the artists of JACK’s 5th Show in order to up the ante on your seats and get a ticket upgrade.  WHAT!


Jack’s 5th Show Scary-oke: People Love to Screw Up Night Ranger’s ‘Sister Christian’

It’s just another night out at the karaoke bar. Girls are breaking eardrums attempting “I Will Always Love You” and booze is flowing. Dude friend shows up looking like the ultimate bro: team jersey, baseball cap, […]