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Little Girl Sneaks Out Of Her House At 3 A.M. To Get A Slushie

By Sarah Carroll But seriously…haven’t we ALL craved a slushie in the middle of the night?! Four-year-old Annabelle¬†couldn’t wait one more second to satisfy her thirst, so she grabbed her purple raincoat and snow boots […]


KISS Kid Five 5 Year Old

Kickass KISS Kid Plays Rockin’ Drum Tribute

Sorry Calvin in Culver City, but those drum lessons you got for Christmas haven’t made you a better percussionist. We know the truth hurts, but this five-year old kid play the drums better than you. And […]


Bruno Vincent / Getty Images

World’s Best Vacuum Collection Belongs To Michigan 12-Year-Old

What, nobody else is gonna say it? Mmmalright. This kid sucks. Hey-o!


Kid Toilet

[JACKed Up Video] Kid Takes Bath In Toilet

We found a home movie of Dr. Cranfill as a baby.


Baby Taekwandoe Karate

[JACKed Up Video] Taekwondo Toddlers Duke It Out For Juicebox Trophy

They make it look easy, but Rocky spent a year training at Scotty and Cooper’s Day-Care Dojo before taking on Ivan Drago.


[JACKed Up News] And In Other News, Applebee’s Gets A Baby Drunk

Under the pretense that a restaurant ridden with tandem bicycles and select highlights from the 1996 Crockett Rockets football season, Mom, Dad, and little Dominic enjoyed their Applebee’s appetizer platter with smiles on their faces. […]


[Video Of The Day] Three Year Old Wants To Be Governor

Woah there Chris Christie, Mr. Current Governor of New Jersey. You’re going to have to watch your back as a certain three-year-old kid seems to be riding awfully close upon your political trail. Not only […]


Picture Of The Day: Feb 2

Need a laugh but can’t be bothered to read? You’ve come to the right place.


BREAKING NEWS: Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

¬† Sure, we could report on Wikileaks and Julian Assange posting bail. Maybe we could inform you regarding Michael Steele’s battle for a second term as the Republic Party’s Chairman. Or how about the celebratory […]