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Kidnapped Woman Saves Herself & Children By Using Pizza Hut App

By Nadia Noir  Now this is a story that will steal a pizza your heart. Next time you lambaste modern technology, slide your thumb over your trusty Pizza Hut app and remember that pizza can […]


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Twelve-Year Old Fakes Own Kidnapping to Avoid Dentist

By Jordy Altman It seems the only thing scarier than the Boogieman is Dr. Boogieman. Local officers in St. Gervais embarked on a month-long search for an unidentified perpetrated when a 12-year-old French boy told […]


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San Pedro Boy Says He Was Kidnapped To Get Away With Candy Theft

Does your child have a vivid imagination? First things first, squash that inclination before they turn out like the liner writers at JACK FM. Second, thank your gods, goddesses, and unaligned deities that they aren’t […]


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Dude Fears Wrath Of Girlfriend, Fakes His Kidnapping

Have you ever seen a woman simmering in silent, serial killer anger after she asked you how she looked and you said “fine?” If you’ve ever been iced out by a woman and subsequently terrified […]