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One In 10 Young People Buy Cassette Tapes

By Nadia Noir Just when you thought that your old cassette tapes had been relegated to the back of a musty Out of the Closet shelf for 99 cents, a survey says that cassettes are […]


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Meanwhile In Southern California: 18 Kids Hospitalized After Being Weird Crap In Milk

If you’re from our generation, how to eat fried worms was about as crazy as you got minus the odd booger or two. But some kids at a Audubon Elementary School in San Diego decided […]


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Most Dangerous Driving Distraction? Kids!

Breeders beware. Double-fisting Flaming Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew Code Red is a deliciously dangerous way to die on the road and texting is obviously a huge distraction, but those aren’t the most distracting road […]


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Next Time You Rob A Bank, Leave The Kids At Home

Sometimes you just have to wonder, what the hell were those people thinking? Today we pose that question to Michelle and William Parker of Tooele, Utah. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the Parkers were […]

93.1 Jack FM–03/14/2013

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Snoop Dogg Wants To Extol The Virtues Of Weed To 8-Year-Olds

In a free-wheeling and THC-saturated new interview, legendary West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, for those going along with his “conversion” into a more mature reggae artist) has said that he wants to […]


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How To Ditch The Kids And Finally Enjoy Spring Break

Are you ready for Spring Break? Of course not, you’re an over-worked adult stuck in an office cubicle! That is, until the kids will be home for an entire week.


Flour Bomb

Flour Bombed! Two Little Kids Destroy Home With A Single Bag Of Flour

This is why we never let our kids out of the kennel.


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Whatever You Say, Congress: Pizza Is A Vegetable!

Did you know America has a child obesity problem? It’s true. Concerned parents all over the country have been lobbying for schools to offer healthier cafeteria choices for their children. It almost worked, too. Almost. Rather than […]


May 20th – Today’s Big Headlines

Hey, don’t you wish Hasselhoff still made music videos? So do we… In the meantime, here are some ladies wearing bikinis wrestling in pudding.


Ducks Feed People? The Cycle Is Complete…

The Past: Kid feeds duck. Duck gets happy. Kid gets bored. Duck goes hungry. The Future: Kid feeds duck. Duck gets happy. Kid gets bored. Duck feeds kid. Kid eats sugar. Kid and duck are […]