Kristen Stewart

Cherie Currie Added To Musicares Map Fund Benefit Concert Lineup

Former [lastfm]Runaways[/lastfm] tart [lastfm]Cherie Currie[/lastfm] was recently added to the lineup of the Sixth Annual Musicares Map Fund Benefit Concert celebrating women recovering from addition. Leave your needles before the jump!


Joan Jett Hands Out Vegan Starter Kits in New York

[lastfm]Joan Jett[/lastfm], musician behind such tunes as “I Love Rock n’ Roll” played a different tune today, publicly promoting vegetarianism in New York. Sing it: “I love not-eating-animals, so shape some more soy, so it […]


Celebrity Upside Down Face

OH GOD!!!!! QUICK, ┬áKILL IT WITH FIRE!! Check out more celebrity upside down faces….here..